Healthy Appetizer Recipes:
For Entertaining or For You!

Healthy appetizer recipes are some of the most useful recipes there are. Sometimes we just need a little something to get us through until dinnertime. Other times we are hosting a party, and we don't want to overload our guests even before the main course arrives. Or sometimes you're stuck between lunch and dinner longing for a little snack but don't want to resort to unhealthy sugary snacks from the vending machine. This selection of healthy appetizers, from dips and sauces to little munchables will help.

All of these hot and cold healthy appetizers can be made in 30 minutes or less (some in 15 minutes or less) and they all have fresh, healthy ingredients that are loaded with nutrients. The only challenge will be not to eat them all before dinner or before the guests arrive!

Fresh Guacamole

Apricot Canap├ęs

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